Great news! Our great and powerful Server Admin has informed me that because we have been loyal customers through our server provider’s changes and updates, they have upgraded our limited bandwidth account and have blessed us with an unmetered line for the same cost! This means that the following changes will be put into effect:
1) The HLS bandwidth control plug-in on the player will be removed. This will allow all users to once again be able to play the videos on all devices (Instead of the limited range of devices that accept HLS playback).

2) The third party alternative player will be removed (This also means that the third download option will be removed for now, though we will be adding an additional download option soon.)

3) The old legacy player will be added back as the alternative instead (It will be available under the same tab that the alternative player was under).

Thank you all so much for your patience through this. We completely did not expect for our server provider to do this for us.

Have a wonderful day & happy fapping!

~Achoron 💕

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