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Akane Misaki and Ken Hasama have to live together for a week due to a contractual error by their landlord.
Although he is a stranger, Akane takes care of him, even fixing his crooked necktie.
Hasama also seems to pay attention to Akane, preparing meals for her when she comes home tired.
The time spent in conversation was something she had never experienced when she spent time with her family.
Akane begins to sort through her bag, trying not to let Hasama know that she is beginning to feel comfortable in this life.
Then she realizes that the third-party meeting is tomorrow.
Akane pretends to be her uncle and asks him to attend. Hasama has no intention of going, but he understands Akane’s situation and agrees to help.
The next day, after successfully completing the parent-teacher conference, Hasama walks around the school for a nostalgic moment and arrives at the stairs leading to the rooftop, where no one is around.
Suddenly, a person passes nearby, and the two of them reflexively hide from each other.
Perhaps because of the atmosphere of the place where it was said to be a place to get laid, Hasama’s hands begin to rub Akane’s buttocks.

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1LDK + JK Ikinari Doukyo? Micchaku!? Hatsu Ecchi!!?

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1LDK+J系 いきなり同居?密着!?初エッチ!!? 第2話



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