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Once again, gazing out into the endless sea of stars… but this time there are two more people here alongside us…

Episode 3 Ora, I’m going to be a model!
Kaede and Hoshiya are appointed by Ikkaku Rose as members of the library committee in order to have a healthy relationship with each other.
However, they fail to live up to his expectations, and their mischievous hearts start to stir without being afraid of being seen.
Rose, unable to see this, gives Kaedeko a chance to experience being a drawing model.
As she expected, Kaede receives a lot of attention from the people around her, and unable to contain her excitement, Rose, who was present at the time, decides to join in the fun.
The serious Rose is intoxicated by the sensation of being pulled along by Kaeko for the first time.

Episode 4 I Cried!
Rose Ikkaku finally comes into her own!
Ever since the drawing model incident, she has been captivated by anal sex alone.
At school, she pretended to be calm, but she was still trying hard to do anal sex without being seen.
In the library, she puts her finger in his anus as usual, and then Inuda appears and confesses his feelings for her.
On the other side of the bookshelf, Kaede and Hoshiya, who were watching the scene, were also united in their feelings.

Final Episode: We’ll Always Be Together!
Kaede and her friends were out at the beach for the seaside school.
It was supposed to be a stargazing party at night, but there was no sign of people gathering yet.
Hoshiya tells Kaede that it is okay to take off her clothes right here on the beach, and Kaede gets dressed in all her clothes and has a great time on the beach.
Seeing Kaede’s free and joyful appearance, Hoshiya’s feelings for Kaede grow.

From the original story, “Junjo Dekameron Kaeko-san is an L-cup Lewd Pact,” “Episode 3 Ora, I’m going to be a model! Episode 4 “I Cried” and “The Final Episode “We’ll Always Be Together! Included

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Junjou Decamelon, 【Ñ】

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