Hi everyone! This is my first review with MuchoHentai. I tried to give it my all and talk about a subject close to my heart!

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Greetings, everyone! I’m Coach Nidai, and I’m here to give you a very important message. No, it’s not about protein. IT’S ABOUT PORN!!! But just as it’s possible to get through your day eating foods that give you nothing but empty calories and inefficient macronutrients, it’s also possible to get through your fapping (or schlicking) without feeling that deep satiation. You know what I mean – it’s one thing to simply squirt one out, but it’s another entirely to feel that deep, inner itch scratched, isn’t it?

That’s because of the CREATOR’S PASSION! Well, that’s what I’ve come to believe, anyway. I mean, sure, obviously the content of what you’re viewing has to be something that resonates with you. But have you ever noticed how some of the material that results in the most furious erections (or the most soaked panties) is actually not quite as well drawn as some of the stuff that’s pretty as hell yet doesn’t quite hit you as deep? That’s passion. I’m sure of it! And that’s what I’m gonna present today. Not to say, of course, that this guy’s art isn’t fantastic, although there are certainly a few panels where the anatomy is a little bit off. I’m simply saying that it’s not THAT that makes his work shine – it’s his HEART! (And besides, all his work is in full colour. Come on.)

I hope you like INCREDIBLY SLUTTY BOYS, because you're in for a super-dose of 'em!

I hope you like INCREDIBLY SLUTTY BOYS, because you’re in for a super-dose of ’em!

Today, I’m going to be talking to you about a digital doujin (as in, I’m pretty sure it never had a hard copy) called “Madamada Ore wa Bitchina Mesushotaerufu to Etchi ga Shitainda!!”, which is a hell of a mouthful and I can only wrangle a small amount of sense out of it! The important word here, though, is “Mesushotaerufu”, which is a mashup of “mesu” – breeding sow, “shota” – I’m sure we all know this one, and “erufu” – mangled romaji for “elf”. See, Nagi Ichi, our wonderful artist and storyteller, has quite a thing for elves. So much so that he’s made like 20 goddamn doujins and CG sets all about these characters now!

This is actually the title page for another work by the same guy, but here are the elves in question!

This is actually the title page for another work by the same guy, but here are the elves in question!

Lala, Lulu and Lolo are three elf boys who live and work in a parallel universe operated by a peaceful, advanced society of elves. So peaceful and advanced, in fact, that they have determined that the best way to keep the populace happy is to let them fuck the brains out of little crossdressing boys whenever anyone gets too stressed. However, for some flimsy reason or another, every now and then, a random human is picked – and abducted – from our world in order to mate with them.



Enter Jirou, who is quite literally the world’s luckiest human being. Not only is his greatest dream to rail a slutty elf boy and empty his balls inside of him, but he also happens to be in the right place at the right time to be picked for this bizarre cultural exchange practice not one, not twice, but THREE times. Who cares? You came to see traps get ass rammed, right? Just go with it, the author does! The dialogue repeatedly lampshades how ridiculous and coincidental the premise is, and this is often used as a vehicle to make us identify with Jirou as a protagonist. He’s actually a genuinely pretty likeable guy, and his mix of enthusiasm, opportunism and genuine kindheartedness makes him a great source of laughs AND a great target for viewer projection all in one.

The doujin I’m talking about here is actually the third in this long-running series. The first deals with Lala (a sweet, blonde-haired trap with a gentle and girly personality, who seems to be Jirou’s favourite), the second with Lolo (a more boyish, dark-skinned trap with a fiery and resistant personality and a little bit of muscularity), and this installment with Lulu, who is literally just a total slut. Remember how earlier on, I broke the title down a little? Showed that “mesushota” can translate to something like “breeding sow boy”? Yeah. He lives up to it.

Lulu isn't here for romance. Lulu is here to get fucked until he breaks.

Lulu isn’t here for romance. Lulu is here to get fucked until he breaks.

Nagi Ichi does a fantastic job throughout this wonderful series of showing us each of the traps’ personalities, but something inside him clearly just snapped when he made this one. Gone is the tenderness and somewhat more gentle pacing of the previous two installments. Lulu doesn’t care. Lulu wants to FUCK, and you’re going to BURY YOURSELF BALLS DEEP IN HIS ASS whether you want to or not. From square 1, his sole intention is to get Jirou to absolutely knock him up, and that’s what you’re gonna see!

See what I mean? Literally no shame. Right in your face.

See what I mean? Literally no shame. Right in your face.

The poses are what makes this doujin, really. Lulu’s brazen cockteasing and exhibitionism are completely in your face. There’s liberal use of eye contact, details like lip-licking or the pulsing and flailing of his cock come at just the right times to hammer the mood home, and the dialogue is incredible. Lulu is an absolute master of dirty talk, and manages to snap the already enthused Jirou into going completely nuts on him in the worst possible way.

The danger with going into this much depth reviewing a doujin is that doujins, by nature, don’t have the same length – and therefore, the same amount of content – as an episode of a hentai anime, so scatter in enough screenshots and you’ve basically shown people the whole thing. But that’s the beauty of this dude’s work! There’s a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF IT! Even if I put every single panel into this review, I’d still only be showing you a small fraction of the material involving these characters! Later volumes have all three traps teaming up together, which is truly a sight to behold.

So, what’s the downside here? Well, you’ve noticed it already from these pictures, I’m sure – mosaic censoring. My least favourite form of censoring. Do the bare minimum to adhere to those silly laws, and get the work on the shelf! Don’t do this! It’s pointless! I want to see the juicy details on the cocks, god damn it! At least the anuses are uncensored, though.

And what beautiful anuses they are.

And what beautiful anuses they are.

Overall, this remains one of my favourite works of hentai ever. The night I found it, I busted a nut to it like 5 times. Have I seen better polished trap hentai? Of course! But that’s not the point. The point, as I said at the start, is passion. We’re clearly dealing with an author who has a passion for seeing men dump their cum up tight little trap butts. Some of his work with other characters handles this with a bit of a different tone, but here, it’s pure affection, pure gung-ho, liberated enjoyment of the time-honoured tradition of boys getting rammed up the ass! Even if it wasn’t in colour, it’d be worth it. Go read it. Then read the guy’s other work. And let the crazy, demanding pace of the elven libido draw you in!

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