I am quite proud of the year so far, we’ve broken many records for the site both visitor wise and bandwidth wise. We’ve hit 168k page views in one day which is incredible, we’ve also hit top 25k on Alexa which is the best, we hit over 3 Million page views a month as per Google analytics, and finally we basically are nearing our bandwidth cap more often than before. You guys single-handedly broke the newest server that we moved into more times than DDOS attacks combined… FOR TWO SERVERS TOGETHER… That is amazing.

The following post is to explain what I do, will do, and have done to the site in the past two months of the year 2016.

  • Update of all Raw Links and Spanish links (Working-On)
    1. The Titles and URLs are being changed to better allow for SEO performance on the site. The Japanese parentheses (【 】) have been removed.
    2. Titles have changed from 【RAW】(Title) to (Title) Raw
    3. URLs will all be changed from /raw-title/ to /title-raw/
    4. Same has been applied to Spanish but instead of 【RAW】the 【ñ】was removed.
  • Front Page (Ongoing)
    1. I have decided to organize the front page so that users can view the newest releases in the language they wish. Three sections have been created, one for English, one for Japanese, and one for Spanish.
    2. To be able to separate releases by language I have created three tags per year. An example is the tag “2016”. If you want to view all the releases, simply click on the 2016 Tag. If you want to view the 2016 English subbed releases, click on the “2016 English” tag, and so on and so forth for the Japanese and the Spanish iterations.
    3. The same is being applied to all episodes on the site to make it more convenient for users to find videos.
  • Search Function (Complete)
    1. I have re-introduced the ability to search by Japanese title on the search bar. You will be able to search the series using the Japanese Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana if the series title uses it.
  • Spanish Campaign (Ongoing)
    1. I am still quite adamant about filling the site with Spanish videos along with the English and Japanese Raw.
    2. So far I am up to date with year 2016, Completed Year 2015, Completed year 2014, Completed year 2013, Completed Year 2012, Completed Year 2011, and I am in the process of year 2010.
    3. As I complete these years I am also filling in gaps that the other languages have.
  • Better Quality (Ongoing)
    1. Whenever I have time I go back and revise old series.
    2. Most of the content on the site was encoded and uploaded by me when I was just starting. Now, I am still quite amateurish when posting, I can’t lie about that but as the days go by I learn more and more.
    3. I apologize for the quality of some releases.
    4. I am quite thankful and appreciate the e-mails and comments that the quality of a video sucks. When I go see it I can’t believe how I let it slip like that.
    5. I do my best to change the quality of the videos as soon as possible and to also let you know so that you guys can enjoy.
  • Year of release filter (Ongoing)
    1. I am adding “Release Dates” to all videos so that you could filter through years.
    2. I am also adding this so that there is another way for you to possibly find a long lost video.
    3. This may take a while for the site currently stands at 3.5k videos.
    4. The filter widget will be added soon so that you guys can enjoy.
  • Name Change (Rakuen -> Achoron)
    1. I decided to pick up my old roots and re-use my old name Achoron.
    2. I did this because the tag, after many many years, was finally available on Twitter.
    3. I also did this because my friend LOVES my old name, it is quite nostalgic and I followed suit…
    4. I missed my old name…
  • Donations box (Soon)
    1. I will be adding a link for you guys to donate to the site.
    2. The site is growing way too fast for the servers to handle.
    3. We host all of the content ourselves to prevent us from ever going down because of a third party service.
    4. We do make enough money via advertising to keep the site afloat but not enough to be able to grow.
    5. We have immense plans for the site and we wish to keep providing you with the best content that speedy service available.
  • MH 2.0 (Ongoing)
    1. MuchoHentai will be going through a major overhaul soon.
    2. Many features will be changed, many added, some removed.
    3. The project is quite immense and I have only @FelixLebelUK to thank for this.
    4. Keep an eye open for it for we will announce when it will come out.
    5. I am not super code savvy but as far as I am aware, I will probably be filling the 537 buckets myself when it comes out
  • Server Move (Soon)
    1. Considering that we’ve almost neared our cap, we’re going to move to another server soon so that it can accommodate more growth and more materials. I hope it lasts us more than two months before we break it again… Ah who am I kidding, if it breaks in a month I would probably throw a party or something…

And that folks is the current state of affairs for the site in the year 2016 so far. I am not sure when most of these projects will be completed for I do also have a full time job and college on the side. All I ask is for patience and good faith.

Thank you all so much for your support and the nice e-mails / comments / tweets that I receive from time to time. You guys are great and motivate me to continue on with the site making it better and better.

Love you always,

Achoron (Formerly Rakuen) 💖



PS: Don’t forget to keep in contact! All the information to get a hold of me is on the sidebar. If you wish to ask me any questions you could contact me via all the methods there or ask me an anonymous question through Ask.fm or RetroSpring.com

PSS: Twitter is your best bet. Either on the main account (@MuchoHentai) or my personal account (@Achoron)

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