It is with great joy to say that, we’re finally completely transferred over to the new server. Now though, the first thing you might ask “What changed?” Well, quite a bit actually and the changes are as follows:

  1. HDD vs SSD
    • Now as many of you may know, HDDs are great for storage. They are quite reliable and they are overall quite used. Though as great as they are, they do have their faults when you increase the demand higher and higher. We got to the point where the read time for enterprise grade HDDs was just too high. This caused any request that you made for anything take much much more time than it should, regardless of internet speed. We’ve changed this completely. We moved from 2 servers with 2tb HDDs in raid 1 to a single server with two 1tb SSDs in raid 0. This allows for all requests to be processed almost immediately, and it also allows the servers to handle more requests overall.
  2. Bandwidth – Increase
    • We decided to increase the max bandwidth that the site uses a month. 50TB was just not cutting it and we were dangerously close to passing it, which would have cost us plenty. We are now on a 100TB plan for a single server which is awesome.
  3. To hell with Apache, NGINX is where it’s at.
    • We’ve acceded! The site is now running on pure NGINX now! NGINX is an amazing alternative to Apache which provides many speed up and user control options that apache just could not handle.

Soon the last installment should work, though here is what is currently being worked on.

  1. HLS Streaming
    • We finally did it, we are now able to play HLS videos. What exactly does this allow you to do? Simple, is upgrades or downgrades the quality of the video chosen depending on the quality of your connection or also how over-cumbered the server is at that moment. This fix also vastly improves the buffering and seeking abilities on any video. You could skip to anywhere and the video would load in a heart beat.
  2. Encrypted Streaming
    • We will be encrypting our streaming making it impossible to hotlink. Once we are assured that the download was done correctly, then I could safely say that you guys WILL NOT have to register to download ^_^.
    • Downloads will be going through a simple fix, making everyone be able to download regardless of having an account or not. For the moment you could click on the button, wait the 5 or 10 seconds, and be taken straight to the mp4. When that screen shows up, simply press CTRL+S and there you go.

And that is all that there is for now. I apologize for the looong wait in between but we had to do stress testing on the software and site overall.

Thank you all for sticking with us through all this turmoil and problems. I really appreciate it a lot guys!




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