How did it all start?

It all started about four years ago when I (Achoron) got into my first networking class. I was taught about web design and server configuration, and I found the subject matter intriguing. I decided to go and start up a simple WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) server on my little old computer. On it, I tried to run an anime website called CAManga, which, sadly, failed miserably. I didn’t give up though, because shortly after, I started up a manga website using a simple script I found online (Online Manga Viewer version 1.4 by dotSpiral) and a program called DomDomSoft Manga Downloader and used them to populate the website with the latest manga I could find. Hence MuchoManga was born. The manga website didn’t go that far on its own though. As I started to age and started to get into different anime genres, (ecchi, pantsu, etc) I then decided to play around with the configuration section in DomDomSoft and started to look into the “Hentai / Doujin” databases that it offered to download from. I downloaded thousands of H-Doujins onto my computer and onto the MuchoManga server and called it “MuchoDoujins“. Lo and behold, it was a hit. The site took off like thunder and views went from 25 to over 2000 a day. I was shocked. Then, about a year later, and with more knowledge, I started to look into video streaming. Unfortunately, though the computer I was running the websites on at the time was not powerful enough to handle the videos, I pushed the project later and later until one day I met the most amazing person ever (AKA MuchoHentai’s server admin). I was offered an amazing deal and an amazing support on his newly opened web hosting service. I said, “Why not, I can afford it” and went with it.

I ran MuchoHentai’s first version for a few months using Xhanch’s WordPress plugin “WP-Anime” with the HST scrapper engine. It sadly wasn’t very friendly and the support on his website was horrendous, so the project got canned for yet another few months. I then started to focus on refining MuchoDoujin’s growth and development. The site was growing well and the development was going great until April 2014 when I had to go to the hospital for an emergency Gall Bladder removal. While I was in recuperation, I notice MuchoDoujins went down. I asked the server administrator what had happened and he told me that the server died and all the data was lost. As I lay on the hospital bed trying not to cry about the loss of a year and a half of work, I decided to focus on a new project. MuchoHentai was born on a hospital bed in middle of nowhere New Jersey while I was under the influence of morphine. After I got out of the hospital and was left at home to recuperate, I took the time to look into hentai websites, what made them tick, how they worked, what formats they used, and etcetera. I then applied what I found and started to do it myself. If it wasn’t for that hard restart, I would still be working on MuchoDoujins and MuchoHentai wouldn’t exist.

PS: If after reading this you have any questions, comments, or concerns about how the site came to be, if I could help you, etcetera,  feel free to e-mail me, tweet me, or ask me via my account and I would be more than happy to reply as promptly as I possibly could.