Hentai Series: Nessa no Wakusei

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* Based on the novel by Hakage Tatenao with illustrations by Fuji Sangou

Kate is the voluptuous, virginal new recruit for the Federal Space Army Security Police. Although she’s the newest detective in the galaxy police force, she’s eager to prove her worth as an undercover agent. Her first assignment is to track down the villains who have been snatching up and raping all the young women of the hot desert planet, Doune. Will she become their next victim? Can she keep her virtue intact while infiltrating their den of ill repute? No mission is too dangerous, no disguise too skimpy, no sexual exploitation too deviant, for our girl Kate to handle!

Note: This anime was originally released by All Products/Beam Entertainment and it didn’t feature any explicit sexual content. In 1999, Five Ways re-released an edited version of Nessa no Wakusei with added explicit sexual content. R1 distributors Kitty/Media Blasters released the Five Ways version.

On 27.06.2008, Strawberry Jam re-released Nessa no Wakusei under the name Otorisousa Kan Kate: Mesuinu (囮捜査官ケイト~牝犬~).